XP56 - Sunday Edition

Boys and Girls in Grades 5&6 Sunday mornings at 9:00 & 11:00am meeting in room 113

Come join us as we learn all about the Bible. Bring your Bibles, friends, your quick thinking skills and your appetite.

Sunday mornings we have a rotation of small group and serve rotation for the grade 5/6 boys & girls. The boys will serve while the girls have small group, then the girls will serve while the boys have small group. They will be serving in Wonder World in the classrooms and as worship leaders and the Check in Counter. This will rotate every week so twice a month they will be serving and twice a month they will have small group. We know that the grade 5 and 6 kids love to serve and are excellent junior helpers. On the kiosks, there will be a note stating whether its a class day or a serving day for your child. For both serving and class they need to be checked in. When they are serving there will be a sign in list in Wonder World that they can sign up for where they would like to serve. We look forward to a fantastic year with your kids!


Kristen Morris

Guest Experience / Prayer & Children's Pastor
xp56 SE